AOA (Ace of Angels) has just released their new album called “Angel’s Knock” and this time, it has two music videos for the two title tracks… My opinion? Decent but not as catchy as their previous songs.

First track/MV is “Excuse Me“:

First of all, I really don’t like the enunciation on the chorus. The repeating “excuse me” part really doesn’t sound like what it should sound like. I hear it more as “kiss me”… They’re not the first group to have a very noticeable mispronunciation and they won’t be last but that’s still no excuse for it to be happening.

Visually, there’s too much beige/brown going on in the story and group choreography scenes. I know, they were going for a vintage kind of feel with the clothes styling and all but really, did they have to do this?


At least make their clothes a different tone or something for a bit of visual pop. The individual shots of the members are better though. Too much focus on Seolhyun towards the end which is kinda expected since she’s the “visual” member of the group.

Choreography wise, nothing beyond the average. There’s no part that’s particularly eye-catching or memorable. Same goes for the song. Actually, the overall feel to me is that it’s just a very average kpop song…

Let’s hope the second MV, “Bing Bing” is slightly better:

So we got a magic show theme going on here now. The overall styling, from the set to the clothes and makeup is better. I’d say one of kpop’s defining features is the visual assault it can do on the viewer and Bing Bing certainly touches on that. Sparkly dresses, colourful backdrops, lots of lights, and numerous fast camera cuts from one scene to another (or between shots within a scene). Take a look at some of the individual member shots below.

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Unlike “Excuse Me”, there’s no distinct story here, just the occasional group choreo mixed in with members doing magic-y stuff while looking pretty. It works I guess.

The song itself is more vibrant? Upbeat? I’m no musician so I can’t really analyse why it feels that way to me but I do enjoy it more than I did Excuse Me. The instruments and style of the song is just more suited to my preferences I suppose.

The dance for this track, from the few parts shown in the MV, got a similar reaction from me as the other MV. No fancy choreography… maybe I’ve just been spoilt by other groups with more complex and interesting moves. I can always wait for the dance practice videos too to see what the full choreo is like.

Anyway, that’s just my initial reactions to these two. I was hoping for something a little more memorable since this is their first full album (all of AOA’s previous releases were singles or mini-albums/EPs). Whether they’ll do well on the charts and on music shows, I don’t know. As in, I don’t know what other artists are promoting at the moment so I’m not sure who they’re competing with. AOA is popular and that’s one of the major factors in winning a crown on shows such as Inkigayo, Music Core, M Countdown, etc so it’s not completely out of the question.

EDIT: they released a “Mannequin Ver” for Excuse Me.

Quite impressively done considering the entire thing is one take with no cuts in between. And they didn’t even blink while in the camera view.