Couple days ago, had a NBN technician come out to my house to finalise installation and ~15 minutes after the guy left, NBN speeds was activated. Parents and I had already pre-ordered a NBN plan with our ISP (TPG), to be activated as soon as NBN was available. Had to install the new modem/router that TPG sent us since NBN uses VDSL technology rather than the ADSL that everyone is used to.

Old speed:

See that “slower than 67% of AU“? It sucked. A lot. Couldn’t even stream Youtube 1080p properly. I have no idea how the other 33% can use slower internet…

New speed:

Faster than 91% of AU“. Kinda sad that 44Mbps is considered the 91st percentile. Considering we signed up for a 50Mbps plan, I think 44Mbps is pretty good and I haven’t experienced any slowdowns during evening peak hours. NBN is pretty new to my area though so not many users on it right now I guess?

Oh, and since people generally don’t understand megabits per second:

  • 4 Mbps = 500 KB/s (1GB takes 35 minutes)
  • 45Mbps = 5.5 MB/s (1GB takes 3 minutes)

Plan pricing between our old ADSL2 and the new NBN plans is an extra $10/mth which is totally worth it IMO. Need to pay an extra $30/mth if we want to upgrade to the 100Mbps tier plans but hey, I survived on crappy internet for a decade, I think 50Mbps is more than enough (for now).