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Co-Ed School

Years active: 2010 – 2013

Label: Core Contents Media


  • Soomi (Lee Soo-mi)
  • Taewoon (Woo Tae-woon)
  • Sungmin (Choi Sung-min)
  • Jungwoo (Kim Jung-woo)
  • Hyoyoung (Ryu Hyo-young)
  • Hyewon (Jin Hye-won)
  • Kwanghaeng (Lee Kwang-haeng)
  • Kangho (Park Yong-soo)
  • Noori (Kang In-ho)
  • Chanmi (Heo Chan-mi)

One of the few co-ed groups to exist in kpop, it eventually split into male group SPEED and the female group F-ve Dolls, both of which have undergone several member changes. Core Contents Media has stated that they have no plans on re-forming Co-Ed School.

NOTE: the official MVs seem to have been wiped so the ones below are from other channels.


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